Shark teeth on Siesta Key?

Well, I went to take my usual pre-dinner walk on the beach from access 5 south and back.  As I’m scanning the shoreline, which was so huge today at low tide, a man stopped me to show me his shark teeth.  He said the surf has been rough the past two days and they’re coming on shore.  Just then he picked up another.  I think he had about 6 in his hand and those teeth were large.

If you, the reader, are from the area or visit this Key regularly please let me know if you’ve found or hear of shark teeth on Siesta Key.  When we moved here last fall I had inquired of all the quirky things about each beach.  Shark teeth, I was told by a lifeguard, are only on Venice Beach and some smaller ones around Nokomis Beach (Casey Key).  Well, I looked and looked.  I only went to access 10 (near the sailboats) and back north and didn’t see one.  So I’m anxious to hear some tales, honest ones.

As I said the beach was so incredibly wide, the tide was incredibly low and there was another sandbar out past the markers now.  The waves were crashing out there and I saw someone walking on it, water about mid-thigh deep.

The only shells I found were Atlantic Giant Cockles.  Most still had the critter inside.  The book I have notes the maximum size being 5.2 inches (13.2 cm).  Most of what I spotted were around 4 inches.  The largest one we have in our collection is 4.5 inches. 

I love our beach.  Everyday brings something new…sandbars, shells, birds, waves, no waves, starfish and gorgeous sunsets.


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  1. EBLP Enterprises

    We just returned from Crescent Arms on Siesta Key Beach. I was taking a picture of my children and looked down and had a shark tooth at my feet. I have a picture but don’t know where to upload it. We have been coming to Siesta Key for many many years and never once have found a shark tooth until now.

    We love Siesta Key!

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