Siesta Key Farmer’s Market

Today was the first day of the Siesta Key Farmer’s Market.  We waited with anticipation all week and then forgot about it until we headed through the Village on the way to the beach for our usual Sunday morning beach outing.  So we stopped in.

It’s located in the Davidson Plaza and at this time of year there were parking spaces, although when we got there it was almost over.  It starts at 7am and ends at noon.  We saw bread vendors, soap makers, olive oil, organic herbs and vegetable plants, crafts, crab cakes, some veggies and a pirate.  It looked like it had been successful because there were vendors closing up early (as sign that they had sold out).  We’ll make it earlier next week.  The Farmer’s Market is supposed to run every Sunday but their website doesn’t give a time length that I could find, i.e., “through the Fall”, “all year long”, or anything like that.  Hopefully it’ll be around for a long time.  I like the one in Sarasota but I’m lazy on the weekend and don’t like leaving the Key if I don’t have to, so I hope this grows to be a big deal.

Check out their website: