Fruit juice on the Key…not your average lemonade stand

We moved to Siesta Key last November and the boys instantly made friends with a family around the corner…3 boys, similar ages.  They decided to start a business together making juice from the fruit on the trees.  A real fruit juice stand here on the Key.  There are some abandoned homes in the neighborhood (owners who can’t make it down for a visit) or homes that are occupied maybe a month out of the year.  There is, consequently, unharvested fruit on their properties.  Plus we have fruit trees and so do the other boys.  Some neighbors had even donated their fruit to the boys.  The business ended when the trees were picked and we all found other things to do.  They did well last year, making about $20 total which they evenly split among themselves. 

Today, they started the business again for the Fall.  They had used fruit from one of our yards to concoct a Sour Gush of vitamin C.   This time they’ve added kumquats to the mix.  I tasted some just now and, boy, was it sour, but tasty…like drinking a sour gummy!  What a great recipe.  They’ve already made 75 cents today.  Their goal is to have money to buy Christmas presents this year. 

So, if you’re walking or biking along the south end of Higel, turn east onto Sandy Nook then right onto Sandy Cove.  The third house on the left will most likely have a fruit juice stand at the end of the driveway with 4 middle school boys and a kindergartener selling their juice.  Stop in, please.  Hours haven’t been determined but for now its going to be sporadic during the week between the end of the school day and dinner time; maybe some Saturday mornings, too.  Customers were paying up to a dollar per small cup last year.  Just bring a few quarters.  I’ll think they’ll take all the “donations” they can get.

I’ll let you know if they fix their hours.