Halloween on Siesta Key

We just got back from Safe Trick or Treat at the Village.  The kids had a great time.  The merchants were so pleasant and generous to everyone.  I took the boys with their neighborhood friends and some school friends of the neighbors.  There must have been about 50 of us in our group.  Some merchants ran out of goodies, which is ok.  Others had so much that the children each got a handful rather than the typical one-piece-each.  Some adults were given hand-held-mixers at the bank.  Wow.  I already have one so I wasn’t going to be greedy.  We met the folks at the Chamber.  They were super nice.  They’re friends of my husband so naturally we had to go meet them.  If you’re ever near the Chamber office, stop in and say hi to Mike and Debbie and all the volunteers. 

The boys counted their booty when we got home.  They got some really good candy.  Austin got more Reeses Cups than anything else.  Good thing he likes them.  Travis was appalled by the Red Hots.  He put them in the medicine cabinet for the next time he has a stuffy head.  Red Hots and spicy Chinese food are great for colds.

The restaurants were gearing up for fun so head on down.  Enjoy and drink responsibly.