I finally found shark teeth on Siesta Key

Friday I took the boys to the beach with some friends from 4H.  The other mom, Martha, and I were beachcombing (surprise, surprise) while the kids built a castle and moat.  I was telling her about the day a man walked up to me on that same part of the beach (it was after one of the hurricanes) and showed me a handful of shark teeth he had collected on his walk that day. 

She and I were laughing and joking about finding some teeth.  Would you believe that same man came up to us moments later with shark teeth in his hand: I think I counted 7 large and really awesome shaped black teeth.  He found them at the north end of the beach near the wall. 

Martha and I put my oldest in charge and ran north.  We got to around parking lot #5 and started looking  along the water line.  We found 3.  Oh how amazing!  One was fairly brown; we guessed it hadn’t been floating around as long as the others.  They fall out white and end up black with age.  Not wanting to leave the kids too long, we ran back with our find.  The kids were pretty impressed.

We’ll have to go back this week and look for more.  Better yet, we’ll just go to Nokomis or Venice Beach where there are a ton of them.  But, I can finally say I found shark teeth on Siesta Key.