A Woodpecker Wonderland on Siesta Key

While riding my bike with my husband and dog through our neighborhood I stopped in astonishment.  So close to me, on the sides of two palm trees, were 2 Pileated Woodpeckers.  They seemed so big since I’ve only seen them at a distance.  What beauty!

And, to my delight, there, among those two were 2 Red-bellied Woodpeckers, and a little Downy Woodpecker. 

Then, would you believe, I heard a tap-tap-tap (of course much faster) coming from a tree farther from the street and I spotted one woodpecker which I believe to be a Northern Flicker?  True.  I’ve spotted him recently on my other bike runs with my dog.

Wow, I haven’t seen so many different types of woodpeckers since I lived in Mississippi.  We had at any given time at our feeder or several yards away in our wooded yard: Downy, Pileated, Red-headed and Hairy Woodpeckers.  This is one of my favorite types of birds.