New Year Resolutions

I don’t do resolutions.  Why not try new things, self controll (dieting), exercise etc any time of the year?

Well, this year is going to be different.  You know those extra 5 or 10 pounds that you gain unexpectedly and can’t shake?  I finally have them and have to do something about it.  I could have worked at it since September, when I realized it was an issue, but stuff came up like birthdays, cookouts, gatherings, holidays, travel, visitors.  Those are some great excuses but I can’t use them anymore.  So, now that the visitors are gone and we don’t have to eat out or sit for hours on the beach or poolside, I can get active once again. 

Here’s my plan, which doesn’t include a trip to the YMCA.  Everyone else will be there and I’ll be lucky to get a machine.  I’ll wait until the summer when its really hot out.  So I will walk the dog 2x daily for at least 1 mile per trip; ride my bike 5 miles per day, which includes a mile here and there with the dog beside me; walk or bike, instead of drive, to the market, providing I’m not in a rush; practice tennis with the kids rather than watch them practice; take more walks on the beach instead of lounging on chairs while chatting with friends. 

Last month I bought (for $1 at a yard sale) 2 sets of  weights: a 3lb set and a 5lb set.  I plan to use them to get my upper arms in shape.  That and eliminating the junk food (oh, we had a lot during the holidays) should put me back into each of my 3 new swim suits I bought last summer and quickly grew out of.  

What are you planning to do for yourself this new year?