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I have a renewed appreciation for the circus.  We took the boys to the PAL Sailor Circus Holiday Spectacular.

When my husband told me he had tickets for us, I silently rolled my eyes and thought, “ugh! Clowns.”

I went to the circus as a child, like most people, and remember sitting in a huge arena, sometimes a tent, watching elephants in tu-tus, lions sitting still on little stools, clowns throwing buckets of water at each other, the high wire act and some generally goofy stuff.  The building stunk with manure, and everyone said “oooo, ahhhh” at the arial act.  We ate cotton candy (yes my parents allowed it), popcorn from little bags with clown pictures on them and drank Coke. 

I hated it.

I never believed you could tame a lion.  No matter what you taught them they’re still wild animals and I feared a large, ravenous lion would break from the floor and run into the crowd.  Elephants are cool, but they weigh a whole lot and could crush someone.  The gymnastic stuff was great, though, because I was an aspiring gymnast.  Clowns…how scarey.  Not only were they not funny to me (how many times can you laugh at a water-squirting flower trick?) but they just looked creepy with all that makeup, red ball on the nose, and big clothes and big shoes.  I wouldn’t want to get stepped on with those things even if it was an accident.

BUT, last night at the PAL Sailor Circus, I saw something spectacular (as the name implied).  These children are so well trained and dedicated to acrobatics, gynmastics, juggling, dance; I was amazed. 

The show was a circus version of the Nutcracker.  Who doesn’t like the Nutcracker?  They had unicycles, high wire, aerial acts, tumbling, hoops, trapeze, juggling, and flying trapeze.  It was well done, the music was great and the work the children did was synchronized exactly. (I’m a perfectionist).  Every so often, while changing scenes, lowering rings, ropes and other props, the clowns would come out for some comic mischief.  Amazingly this was well done, too.  I’m guessing those were children of professional clowns and had been doing the act since birth.  They had the act and motions perfect.

I really enjoyed the show, as did the rest of the family. 

I understand they are having a capital campaign right now to build a new facility.  That would be a great idea.  The show was sold out, the seats were tight and uncomfortable (although most of the time you wanted to sit on the edge of your seat, but there was little leg room) and they need an A/C system.  I hope they can raise the necessary money for the new building.  They certainly deserve it. 

In 2009, the PAL Sailor Circus is celebrating its 60th anniversary with an “Extravaganza” on Friday April 3.    Check out their website for more information and I certainly do recommend you see it.

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  1. Jim Shirley

    One of our volunteer supporters forwarded your kind comments about Sailor Circus to me. We are pleased that you enjoyed the kid’s performance so much and even more pleased that you took the time to share your thoughts with others.

    These are some of the “good kids” of our community. It has become so routine to see articles and comments about problem children, that your comments are a breath of fresh air. Our Circus Director, Patty Campbell, is going to share your words with our entire cast and their parents this evening at our second half registration. As much as their performance was an inspiration to you, your words will provide even more inspiration and incentive for them to continue their hard work. Thank your for your wonderful comments. We hope to see you in the Spring.

    We are all working hard to complete Phase 1 of our capital campaign this spring. Any support that you can provide will be sincerely appreciated.

    Happy New Year,
    Jim Shirley
    Director of Development

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