Creature of Siesta Key

I’ve heard about the green iguana invading our Key. I’ve heard its call or whatever that sound it makes around dusk. I’ve heard the stories of the iguana hanging out near neighbor’s doors in the late evening.

When I was walking my dog I stopped to say hi to a neighbor who immediately told me that the house two from mine had a large green iguana on the patio.  I headed back home and grabbed my husband to walk around my neighbor’s house looking for it.  She is a sweet lady and has a yellow lab who hangs out on the back patio and so I was concerned if it was still there and she went to put the dog outside…well it could be scarey. We didn’t find it.  A few days later a friend sent me an email that had been circulating about a green iguana (maybe 2 feet long) that was caught on the Key. It originated with another neighbor (behind my house and one down). He caught the thing in his pool net and called animal control. They later notified him that the iguana was pregnant with 50 eggs in her. Ugh. What an infestation.
Well, I heard back from my friend during the recent cold snap asking if I’d seen any iguana’s in the morning. Apparently they go into hypothermic shock and fall out of the trees. Too cool, except if you’re walking under that tree.
Enjoy the pics.