Siesta Fiesta Craft Fair February 2009

I just got back from my walk through the Village. Siesta Fiesta Craft Fair was a lot of fun. The artists have incredible talent and I applaud them all. This isn’t the original Siesta Fiesta, though…that one is in April.  See my post: for the April 2009 info.
I always enjoy art/craft fairs because I’m artistic, although I have spent more time on raising my children than “doing” my art. I love looking at other artist’s work and thinking in my head, “how can I do this”, “can I do this”, “what would I do differently”, “should I just abandon all ideas of artistry and just raise my kids”?
Well, this year I went with my neighbor, Sandy (the Sunshine Everyday artist) and we picked and scrutinized and discussed and decided we’re just going to have to take a beading class together. We’ll have to brush up on our painting skills together (no pun intended). We’ll have to be crafty together (Ok…that pun was intended). All of the art was so inspiring.  Keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to…you just may want to purchase one (or more) of our creations.
In summation: Fiesta was great, put it on your calendar for next year and bring lots of cash.

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