A girl’s best friends

Dixie is my sweet black lab/chow mix.  She looks likes a small black lab with a black tongue.  She just turned 3 years old.  Dixie is sweetly submissive, happy and loveable.  She enjoys greeting people because she knows she’ll get lovin’ back. 

She makes friends easily.  In our neighborhood her best buds are Molly, Luke, Charlie, Homer, Abby and Sam.  There are a ton of other dogs she thinks are her best friends as well, but here is the core of them.

Molly is a golden retriever pup, probably about a year old by now.  She lives up the street.  Her owner, Sally, has become a great friend.  Sally will occasionally sit for us when we go out of town.  Dixie doesn’t get kenneled anymore because something always happens to her.  In her first year she contracted kennel cough from a neighboring guest at a pet resort in Houston.  Dixie had her shot, the other dog didn’t.  I was told that the shot does not prevent getting the sickness, it just minimizes the symptoms if your pet does contract it.  Dixie has also had the exit bath that another pet resort required all of its guests.  Well, that bath cost us over $200 in ear infection treatments.  So, when we travel without her, she stays at home with a neighbor keeping an eye on her.  Sally and Molly visit  several times a day when we’re gone.  They go out for long walks and for a run around the sand pile at the corner of my street.  They always come back sandy, tired and thirsty.  When we come home I can always tell Dixie had a great weekend by how much dirty sand is all over my tile floor.  I’m actually happy to see it…I know she was loved when we were gone.101_2371molly-dixie

When Sally and Molly walk in the morning, Molly runs up to our door looking for her friend.  Sometimes Dixie is out front and they play “catch me” with each other.  Once in a while they end up racing each other across the street and down by the canal.  How do we get them back?  “Treat!,” we yell, and they come running.  Of course they both have to get a treat at that point but we’ve got them both back at home.

Luke lives around the corner.  He’s a fluffy shepard with the cutest face ever.  Its like the cutest puppy-dog-in-the-window-face…big happy eyes, huge smile with a tongue sticking out.  He’s like a little bear, so hugable.  Dixie really likes him.  Occasionally his owners, Bob and Catherine, will come by to hang out with us and bring Luke.  On his first visit he found that Dixie had some yummy rawhide knots lying around so he claimed one.  No one has ever taken anything of hers before and she didn’t know what to do.  She stood slightly back but over him as he lay on the floor chewing this thing.  She’d look at him, then at me, back and forth.  She just couldn’t relax and get another knot to chew on.  It was comedy.  We sent him home later with what was left of the knot.   101_2537Since then, on walks, Luke will make a bee-line for our door looking for, oh I don’t know, maybe Dixie, maybe another knot to chew on.  The two dogs do have fun playing together. Lately, since they now know where each one lives, they make a beeline toward the other’s house when on a walk: always looking for treats.

Homer lives next door.  There’s is a high, wooden fence between us but the dogs can see each other through the vertical slats and sometimes run along the fence together.  Homer has tried several times to dig under the fence.  The hole right now is almost big enough for him to climb through.  Dixie will sometimes sit there and just peer through the hole.  The daughter of Homer’s owner is a young teenager and she had watched Dixie one weekend.  She’s very sweet and takes good care of my pup.  When school is out and we take a trip again, I’ll call on her.  For now, our long weekends would interfere with her school schedule. 

Abby, Charlie and Sam live behind us in 3 different houses.  They’re all sweet dogs and Dixie likes to greet them in the back yard.  Sam lives up north most of the year but when he comes down with his owner,  he and Dixie like hanging out together.

That’s the neighborhood as it relates to Dixie.  Maybe I’ll write next about the neigborhood from her point of view.  I’ll take some notes on our next couple walks.