4H Demonstration Speeches

Today my boys gave their demonstrations for 4H competitions. Travis demonstrated how to make a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fudge icing and confetti sprinkles. Austin gave a talk on collecting Pokemon cards.

They both did amazingly well. As you can tell I’m proud of both of them.

Travis handled every part of his presentation easily. Even at one part, when he had a hard time opening the cake mix bag, and then finally did, he stayed composed. At the end, he cut some pieces of cake for the judges. It looked like they had been getting samples all morning.

Austin, who speaks softly, held his voice at a great volume and spoke clearly. He handed out cards for the judges to look at while he explained what to do with them.

We’ll find out by the end of the next week what their scores are.
The scores will determine their eligibility to go to the district level with their speech. It will also determine, combined with a visual presentation at the county fair, their status as a superior exhibitor. They’ll have to earn 2 blue ribbons for that.

We will be too busy this week to sit on pins and needles waiting for scores. Next project to finish is our homeschool support group’s Science and History Fair on March 2.

Their speeches are on their blogs: www.siestakid.wordpress.com and www.lidsville.wordpress.com.