My new vegetable garden part II

The following is a continuation from “My new vegetable garden” that I wrote a month ago:

The boys and I went out and bought some more veggies:  roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and arugula.  I put them in a similar container, just a big bigger, with the water reservoir on the bottom.  It really does keep the plants well watered.  We’ve had them for a week and we can really tell they’ve grown.

The two places I’ve put the containers are staying in bright sun for the majority of the day.  I’m hoping this continues after the huge banyan tree grows its leaves back in the coming weeks. 

I cut back the mint and basil today in hopes it grows back thick with leaves again.  Our rosemary bush is, surprisingly, doing very well.

Edited March 27, 2009:  The broccoli is growing so well.  The tomatoes, both types, are sprouting fruit.  I had seen marks on some of the bottom leaves of the roma tomatoes that looked like slug tracks.  A friend stopped by, looked at them and broke off the branches.  She said I didn’t need them.  OK, that solved that.  There’s a bud for a new stem growing in one place where she removed a branch.  The flowers keep blooming, fruit keeps growing.  Can’t wait to eat it.