Salt Water Fish Tank part 3

This tank has been so fun.  I recommend that anyone that has access to the beach start one.  When we lived inland (NW Mississippi) we looked into it but the hassle with the salt water didn’t seem worth it.  Here, in Sarasota, we have plenty of salt water, fresh sea grasses, plenty of critters, shells, etc to make it really worthwhile.

We had a huge red hermit crab, that we named Herman.  That thing  was so big that when it walked around the tank it sometimes would bang its shell against the sides of the glass tank.  It kept us up at night.  We held onto it for so long (a month) because it was really fun to watch.  One morning shortly after we added it to our tank, my younger, Travis, ran to me so upset and led me to the tank.  It looked like Herman was dead, out of its shell.  After careful observing we found him still in his shell.  He had molted during the night (no wonder he had been so incredibly noisy, keeping me from restful sleep…I’m a light sleeper).  We took the molted exoskeleton from the tank and examined it.  It pretty much grossed all of us so we wrapped it up and put it in the trash.  Later research told me we could have left it in the tank because they eat off of it for protein.  Well, that seems nasty, too, but that’s nature.  Next time we’ll know.