Salt Water Fish Tank part 5

The red hermit crab died.  My younger, Travis, saw its body lying at the bottom of the tank.  Then he saw it being pulled under a large conch shell by a little crab.  It was dead and would soon be lunch.

Red hermit crab with a hitchhiker

Red hermit crab with a hitchhiker

The white hermit crab, now lacking algae, looked hungry so we headed to the beach for more seaweed.  He has picked up the red crab’s hitchhikers, but he also moved into a really small shell.  He’s been there for a week so I guess he’s happy now he’s downsized.  I know that I’m happy since we downsized, too.  I have a smaller house to clean and less space to accumulate junk.  I do miss the garage, though.

White hermit crab coated with algae

White hermit crab coated with algae

Our snails are doing great.  We picked up a really large one with a red body the day we went out for seaweed.  Its in a fig shell.  Last night I watched as it completely covered the tank filter with its body, sucking off algae, and scooting on.  What resulted, for a short time, was that the filter couldn’t pump air into the tank as usual.  Instead of the regular million tiny air bubbles coming from the filter, a periodic large bubble would find its way out of the snail’s clutch and rise to the top.  It was amuzing.  Later that same snail tried to escape from the tank.  We have a sheet of plastic over the top and the snail had lifted the sheet and continued up the side of the tank and started going over the top.  Travis found it and we guided it  back into the water. 

the red bodied snail

the red bodied snail

The real reason the sheet of plastic is on top of the tank is to keep the water from spraying when the water bubbles break at the top.  When this happens, the water sprays in all directions and when the water droplets evaporate the surface of the wall behind the tank, the table top and the floor is coated in salt.  My dog even finds this distasteful.

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