Siesta Fiesta April 2009

This weekend, once again, is the famous Siesta Fiesta on Siesta Key FL.  It is April 25 to 26 in the Siesta Key Village. 

It’s nothing but art, music, food and…ah! good times 🙂

It is a fun place to roam around with your friends and family.  Stop into the shops along the way, too.  They’ve had to endure lack-luster sales this year while the road construction was happening.  Some have even gone out of business.  On Sunday we have our usual Farmer’s Market which, I believe is still happening with the Fiesta going on.  Yum…fresh veggies.  We’ve been there and it’s great but the mornings we don’t go and instead sit on the lanai drinking coffee we watch our neighbors walk to and fro carrying large bags of produce on the walk back.  I can’t say which day will be best (day without Farmer’s Market vs day with) so plan to come to both.  I’ll be there Saturday.  Its a short hop, skip and jump from my house.  By bike accident injuries are on the mend and I believe I can walk the distance now. 

Siesta Fiesta starts at 10am and ends at 5pm each day.  Don’t know what parking will be like.  That’s why I live here.  Get here early before the public lot behind the Village fills up or head straight down Midnight Pass to the Public Lot…but get there early. 

See ya at Siesta Fiesta!