Eating Ice Cream

I love to watch kids eat ice cream. 

We went to Big Olaf’s on Siesta Key tonight.  As we sat outside eating our cream, a family sat down on the next bench with 2 little boys.  The youngest was busy eating his; he had a nice grown-up style.  His older brother, probably only 5 years old, walked around with the vanilla ice cream and cone at a 35 degree angle before settling himself down on the bench.  Then, as he was savoring each lick, he’d swing the cone around, probably unintentionally.  Lick, swing around, hold at a 30 degree angle, lick, swing around, hold at a 40 degree angle…you get the picture.  How that ice cream stayed on the cone I’ll never know, but it did, to the last lick.  What a cutie pie. 

Now, had it been chocolate ice cream his face would have been quite coated … like my 12 year old’s face.  Travis has a blast eating food and you could tell from his adventure tonight.   He eats with gusto, holding the cone upright, but missing all the dripping ice cream rolling down the other side.  It’s ok if his hand gets messy with the dripping because there are always napkins around.  By the time he was finished his chocolate deluge in a chocolate dipped cone with sprinkles, his face and nose were covered.  Yum!