Space Shuttle to fix Hubble…we saw it!

A few months ago I learned that you can see the shuttle take of from Sarasota.  We missed the dusk launch, though, because we just didn’t know.  Heard it was awesome.  I’ve been determined to see since.

The shuttle was to launch at 2:01 pm today.

I took the kids and some friends to the bridge parking lot on the Key.  We walked under the bridge and found a great spot to watch from.  Moments after 2pm we saw over the trees the shuttle take off, the rocket boosters separate and then lost it from sight as there were some low-lying clouds in the way.  We never saw the rest of it above the clouds but it was so exciting to see.  I would highly recommend this spot to anyone wanting to see future launches.  A gentleman near us with a camera said he watches from that spot all of the time. 

One day we’ll make it to the Space Coast to see the launch up close.