New Orleans Style Snow Balls

I took the kids to a snow ball stand in Daphne, AL yesterday.  It was New Orleans style.  Gosh, I didn’t know there were so many different “styles” of snow balls/snow cones.   New Orleans style is a different cut or shave of the ice from other styles.  It’s not chunky like you would find at most county fair stands and it’s not shaved like Hawaiian Shave Ice (see my blog of May 23 “Hawaiian Shave Ice Near the Key”).  The cut of ice is really small and pleasant.  The other thing about New Orleans style is that its made with a “snow ball” on top.  I watched mine being made.  The ice went into the cup and flavor was poured in.  Then more ice was chopped on to the top of that and shaped into a ball, followed by more flavor.  Doing it this way, the snow ball shape was maintained.  Too cool.

Travis got watermelon/blueberry combo.  His lips and teeth were black when he finished.  Austin got watermelon.  His lips turns a bright red.  I decided on the dreamsickle.  Yum.

While there were traditional flavors to choose from like cotton candy, grape, granny smith apple, lemonade and the one’s my boys picked, the other flavors were decidedly New Orleans: creole creme, dulce de leche, cookie dough with sweet cream topping, red velvet cake and wedding cake.  These flavors all have the sweet cream  topping.  I was told in New Orleans a favorite combination is the blue bubble gum and spearmint.  It makes a “dark yet bright” blue green, if you can picture that.  I learned its a favorite of older men. 

The New Orleans Style Snow Ball stand is on 98 in Daphne in a gas station parking lot near a traffic light.  Good directions, huh?  I don’t know this area very well but I do know it’s the traffic light south of Hazel’s Vegetable Stand.