I wonder what my dog thinks

I have a black lab-chow that looks like a lab with a black tongue.  Her name’s Dixie and she’s sweet.  I got a letter from a friend we lived near in Florida who told me how her dog, Luke, goes to the front door of my old house each day looking for Dixie.  He would always come over to see her when we lived there.  We’ve been away since the end of May and he still goes looking for her.

Dixie had a lot of friends in that neighborhood.  To mention her top buddies, there was Luke, Molly, Sam, and Charlie.  Then there was host of others we’d tag along with on walks from time to time.  Since we moved, Dixie has no one visiting her, nor a friend to visit.  She goes after the squirrels and bunnie in the yard but no other dog to join her pack. 

If you say, “Dixie, where’s Luke?” or “Is that Molly outside?” she looks around her and then goes to the window looking.

I wonder what she thinks about her old friends.