Coastal Cleanup in Fairhope AL

After a long rainy week we had great weather for cleaning up the shoreline.  The group I organized took the section of Mobile Bay at the northside of the mouth of Fly Creek.  We started at the Jetty and moved about a 1/4 to 1/2 mile north.  Thanks to the teens of the Lake Forest Homeschool Club and their siblings for coming out and helping the clean up. 

Here’s what we found: tires, construction material (might be washed up parts from a previous hurricane), boat parts, beer bottles and cans, candy wrappers galore, a flip flop, fishing line, broken parts of a styrofoam cooler and styrofoam cups, bottle caps, broken glass, motor oil containers, plastic bags, tobacco containers, cigarette butts, drinking straws, a kerosene container for a portable grill, a plastic Spongebob toy, a little toy pony and plastic soda and water bottles.

We collected 7 bags of stuff plus what we left (tires and construction materials to be picked up). 

I’m thankful that this cleanup happens each year, although it sadly has to.  Please remember to be responsible for your trash whether as a boater, beach goer or just while hanging around any waterway.