Sea Grass in Sarasota Bay

 The end of June 2009 newspapers and internet news services all around the world were reporting that the sea grass beds in our oceans was disappearing.  Several studies, it seems, were conducted; all leading to this conclusion.  You can find one of these articles here from :

This week, I was reading on line, the latest issue of the Pelican Press, the local Siesta Key newspaper.  In it I found that the Sarasota Bay sea grass beds are increasing.  I’m really excited about that and applaud the area residents for whatever they are doing to allow this to naturally happen. You can find that article here:

As you probably know, if you read my other posts, my family keeps a marine fish tank.  Of the critters we keep, they all come from the sea grass beds around the Sarasota Bay.  Without the sea grass beds these critters would have to migrate somewhere else or just not exist.  Sea urchins, especially, need the sea grass for nourishment.  I keep bags of dried kelp from the beach and give a handful each day per urchin.  

Other critters in need of the sea grass beds include hermit crabs, snails, some species of fish and seahorses.  The grasses not only provide nourishment but also security from preditors.  The endangered seahorse, especially, hide among the grass.