Monthly Archives: November 2009

Weekend in Downtown Fairhope

Last Friday, my husband and I checked out First Friday Artwalk in downtown Fairhope.  We were pleasantly surprised.  We read you can park at the Art Center, pick up a map and either walk or take the trolley to the center of the excitement.  We parked near the paint your own pottery shop and walked around. 

Our first stop was a jewelry shop that was hosting a trunk show.  Aside from the great food and wine served, we enjoyed the jewelry.  One item we really liked was a bracelet that highlighted a button.  The designer told us that she collected antique buttons and some other current fashion buttons.  She found a silversmith to place them in a cylinder style setting with a clapse.  The bracelet was then either pearls or beads.  The buttons were beautiful.  Her business is called Peru to You and she’s from Georgia.

Next stop was Bayside Beads.  I found some things I will return for to make my own jewelry which I do from time to time.  Again, more food; more wine.

Walking further down the street we listened to several street-corner musicians.  One featured youth musicians from our church.  We stopped at Page and Pallet, a couple antique “mall” type stores and a couple more galleries before checking out the wine bar.  Awesome. 

We were quite full and getting cold (the temperature had dropped to the 50s) so we headed home.  I recommend First Friday Artwalk and hope to go again next month.  I think the kids might enjoy it.

Sunday we went to the new Windmill Market in downtown Fairhope, just north of the public library.  We didn’t know what to expect although outdoor markets always give us visuals of fresh produce.  There was some but not that much.  The market hosted garden designers and their plants, watercolor artists, designer window companies, crafters, some vegetables, herbs, and other other products. One artist’s work that I liked was Debbie Dolan.  She makes wine bottle lamps and spindle art.  Stop by and see her.  They also had a food stand; the vendors gotta eat.  Outside, next to the market was a patio area with picnic tables, adorondack chairs and other tables and a bandstand with a guy singing to his guitar.  It was quite homey.  We hung out because it was comfortable and just relaxing.  It just opened and is only open on the weekends.  Check it out.

Relaxing at the Windmill Market

Leaf Blower

The side of my house runs along a street.  Out the dining room window you can see the two houses across that street.  Today the public schools had a “hurricane” day because of Ida.  The folks across the street had just had their yard done before the storm hit and all of the pine straw had been cleared from the driveway.  It was coated today from the wind blowing the needles off the trees. The two boys living at that house (ages 7 and younger) were using their little air pump (the one that you use for air matresses etc) to blow away the pine straw.  They cleared a small patch; the older one went inside leaving the younger one with the task.  He seemed to get bored and leaving the pump on the front step, he went inside.  We didn’t see them again.  Nice try.


Whatever you want to call Ida (a hurricane or tropical storm) it’s just a rain event to me.  Sure, I don’t live right on the beach and I’m not experiencing high surf but the storm has not been big for my neck of the woods.  That’s ok, though, we can always use the rain.  I can’t believe I just said that; it rains here way too much for me. 

Ida will make her way onto land sometime tonight and be gone in a flash.  By radar it looks like it’s almost over for us here in Baldwin County AL.  We might wake up to rain; or not.  We might wake up to school closings; or not. 

I do hope that no one was injured or suffered loss from this storm.  We are going to head to the beach for some beachcombing and treasure hunting.  Most likely, anything we find will just be stuff lost during previous storms that got pushed unto shore this time.