Whatever you want to call Ida (a hurricane or tropical storm) it’s just a rain event to me.  Sure, I don’t live right on the beach and I’m not experiencing high surf but the storm has not been big for my neck of the woods.  That’s ok, though, we can always use the rain.  I can’t believe I just said that; it rains here way too much for me. 

Ida will make her way onto land sometime tonight and be gone in a flash.  By radar it looks like it’s almost over for us here in Baldwin County AL.  We might wake up to rain; or not.  We might wake up to school closings; or not. 

I do hope that no one was injured or suffered loss from this storm.  We are going to head to the beach for some beachcombing and treasure hunting.  Most likely, anything we find will just be stuff lost during previous storms that got pushed unto shore this time.