Daphne Christmas Parade 2009

Our 4H club had a float in the Daphne Christmas parade this year.  The members worked hard decorating it to no theme in particular; just Christmas.  They wrapped lights around the sides of the trailer which was pulled behind a pickup truck.  There was also garland and red bows.  We plugged the lights into the truck’s cigarette lighter and there was a festive float.  The members huddled in the cold on top of bales of hay.  There were signs on the sides and back telling all of Daphne who we are.

The club, the Creative And Performing Arts Club, had just come off of a production of Robin Hood the week before Thanksgiving so the members dressed up in their costumes donning santa caps as well.

It was a lot of fun, even on probably the coldest night yet. 

They threw out candy, cups and stuffed animals.

One thing the other mom on the truck and I learned about the parade is that a lot of goods go to waste.  The crowd stood beyond barricades yet tons of beads, candy, and moonpies were on the inside of the barricades; in the street.  We watched the truck in front of us and the truck behind us and notice everyone was throwing down.  The stuff they paid for to hand out wasn’t making it to the crowd.  So she and I encouraged our crew to toss as far as possible.  She (other mom) was at the Spanish Fort parade the next day and told me later that she noticed the same thing.

Mardi Gras is coming up soon.  I hope those beads and other treats get tossed far enough to reach their crowds.