CiCi’s fundraiser for 4H

Last Tuesday night the CiCi’s Pizza in Foley AL held a fundraiser for our 4H Club.  Ten percent of reciepts turned in between 5pm and 8pm plus tips left behind go to our club.  We did great  and have another night scheduled for next Tuesday, March 16.  It’s Spring Break and Cici’s is on the way to the beach.  Please stop by next week and support our kids and their projects.  They’ll be clearing tables, refilling drinks and helping customers in anyway possible.

My Travis, the foodie and restaurant-owner wannabe, signed up to help and got his first shot at restaurant work.  It was a great experience for him.  He had a great time and plans to be there again next week.   I enjoyed watching the kids work.  It wasn’t really work to them, but an opportunity to team up and have fun with a goal in mind.

Our 4H club is a drama-oriented club.  Of course the members can do any type project they want but most are in our club to perform in our two performances each year.  This spring is a Veggie-Tales related story.  These kids are so talented.  The show is free but we’d love a donation made at the door and we’re selling refreshments, too.  Money made goes toward paying for the next production.  Come out and see us, March 19 at