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I am a birder and find that the more I go birding with others, and the more I read about birds and science, and the more I find out about birding conservation groups, the more I am discouraged because I don’t agree with the theory of evolution as it is generally spoken about.  Sure I believe that within each kind of species, they change but I don’t believe that the birds came from a swamp thing, or a dinosaur or some other creature.  But most all magazines, conservation groups, university courses, lectures, science DVDs or television shows portray the evolution of birds as fact.  It’s hard to keep listening to, when my beliefs are otherwise.

I just want to enjoy the flying creatures of this earth and study them without evolution.  So last month I Googled “creation birding”, thinking if it wasn’t taken I could start a site with creation-centered birding resources, information, stories, and field trips.  I did find a new site, with it’s first post that particular day.  “Bummer”, I thought.  It was taken.  The website is still in it’s infancy and currently doesn’t offer much but I’ll give it some time.  Meanwhile, I have a few resources for creation-oriented bird science.  If you are a Christian birder, a homeschooling birder, a creation birder or wanna-be then here are some resources to continue your interest without the evolution.

Of course, I recommend  There are several field trips currently scheduled in Tennessee and Arizona.   There is a comment section where you can ask questions and offer suggestions.  Keep watching.  If it is truly a ministry, it will develop and be worthwhile.

I still find that the any of the field guides are a great wealth of information.  I have several.  Every state has a bird book field guide specific to it.  I have books from South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Mississippi.  I didn’t buy one for Alabama because the books I have cover this state, too.  I also have the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America which covers them all.  When I can’t find one in my state book, I look into this one.

Rod and Staff, a homeschool text book publisher that is affiliated with the Annabaptists, is developing a 3 volume series called Birds of the World.  Volume 1 is currently available and Volume 2 is ready to be published (I just got this notice in the mail).   This reference series covers details of North American wild birds.  There are special features such as bird anatomy, function and conservation.  Further, it is a God-honoring, evolution-free reference.

I loved using Apologia’s Young Explorer’s science series; especially Exploring Creation with Zoology I: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.  There are awesome projects for the children to do and the information is presented in a really fun way.  My goal is to teach the boys about the world from a Biblical Worldview and Apologia makes that goal easier for me to attain.  My boys loved this science class and we did it from our kitchen.  We had a floor to ceiling, double window in the dining area and just outside the window we set up bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, and nesting boxes. We rearranged our garden and planted new plants below the window to attract birds for food and protection from preditors.  We allowed spilled sunflower seeds to bloom into mammoth sized flowers and watched the birds feed direcly from them.  We drew birds, kept a life list, took field trips and learned to see birds and other winged creatures (insects, bats) from a creation viewpoint.   There are printable notebooking pages to fill in but now Apologia sells an optional, spiralbound notebooking journal.  Do I recommend this book?  Highly!

“The Wisdom of Birds: An Illustrated History of Ornithology” by Tim Burkhead was a delight to read.  I don’t recall either an evolution or creation bias.  In fact, other than a mention of evolution somewhere in the book, it is factual from history with beliefs of science throughout the ages.  It doesn’t tell you what to believe, just tells you about the study of birds.  It was really enjoyable. 

And, do go and enjoy all of the birding festivals around the country.  These are really enjoyable and informative.  Not everyone is going to force-feed you bird-evolution.  I just wanted to offer you some alternative sources of bird studies on this blog.

Well, I’ll update this with more information as I find it.  Maybe I’ll still do that website idea, just call it something else.  I do like to write about naturalist studies.  Meantime, enjoy your study of birds.

2 thoughts on “Creation Birding

  1. Bates Estabrooks


    I was doing some web searching today and happened on this post on your sight. I had to chuckle since I’m the guy who has the web site. I also thought it was funny that your post was March 24; my birthday.

    But, more so, I was very encouraged that there are others out there who are birders who are tired of all the emphasis on evolution. I just wanted to get creation-minded birders together.

    With that said, I have updated my web site some and added another trip. . Thanks for linking to my page.

    I was also wondering if you’d be interested in setting up/leading a birding trip in your area? The Gulf Coast is a great destination for birders, as you know.

    Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Bates Estabrooks

  2. The Birding Bunch

    I have to say I am very excited to find your site. We are Christians, new to birding and it seems all we hear about is evolution. We have gotten together once with a local birding club and will meet again in a couple days, but they have such a different world view.

    Because of our new hobby, we are doing the Exploring Creation science. But will only do the things about the birds for now. We are going to focus the other half of the school year on the weather.
    I’ve heard of the Rod and Staff book and am interested in getting it.

    I would like to say a whole lot more, but I tend to ramble.
    God bless you. 🙂

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