Oil in the Gulf

With heavy hearts we mourn the folks who lost their lives in the oil rig explosion last week. One event can change the lives of so many.

So now the lives and livelihoods of shrimpers, oystermen (which I come from a family 0f), and fishermen are in jeopardy.  They’re trying to get as much as they can out of the Gulf for business, for food.  The lives of  turtles that swim to our beaches to nest; the birds that feed in our wetlands and over the Gulf; the oyster reef we’ll be helping to restore this summer are all being changed.  Our property values, waterfront businesses, eco-tourism are all in danger from this tragedy.  This spill is heading our way.

I am not mad or angry or outraged by what happened.  Accidents are just that.  No one (that we know of so far) planned to explode the oil rig, kill people and watch an unknown amount of oil spill into our Gulf.  I am in shock, however, that it took until today for the plan to start that would keep the oil from spreading farther north.  The news report I watched online said they’d burn a little to “test” the plan but won’t burn during the night.  Meanwhile, winds are picking up heading north and we’re in for storms this weekend.

Today, I’m totally saddened to watch this oil drift toward my home.  I pray it never makes it but the burn could take a long time and some of the oil would come ashore somewhere.  I read it’s less than 20 miles from our coast and closer to Louisiana’s wetlands.  The soot and ashes will go east toward Florida’s white beaches leaving them with a potential mess to clean up as well.

I wonder what kind of plan is in place for shoreline cleanup.