An Art Fieldtrip

I’ve taught an art appreciation class this year mostly to high school homeschoolers; there were a few younger siblings in the class.  It was based on the National Endowment for the Humanities Picturing America course.  You can find it online.  I had answered a call for grant applicants and was one of many schools around the country that received it.  It was really a great compilation of wonderful American art, information they sent me along with art projects that I incorporated.  It was a lot of fun. 

Our last class found us in an art gallery: the Fairhope Art Center.  They had several exhibits; one on horses, one from a guy who goes by the name Tin Man and an exhibit of garden art along with the usual art placed by members of the center.  The current exhibits will be changed out in time for the next First Friday Art Walk on May 7th. 

Some of the students brought their art pad in case they wanted to sketch something in the gallery.  One such artist was my Travis who did a great sketch of a garden art piece:

Travis drew an awesome sketch of this

Tin Man's art

I thought this looked cool. Its from the garden art collection.

There was art outside the building as well so we took a look.

metal art

outside art

Across the street and down a block is the castle.  I don’t know the name of it but it’s known as the storybook house.  The house and one across the driveway from it was built around the time of the depression.  If you look closely you can find all kinds of items used in the masonry of the outside walls: glass bottles, metal tools, all fixed among the stone with some kind of mortar.  The houses have been passed down and there is still family living in them.  They don’t seem to mind the onlookers.  The last time I came to see the house (it was actually my first time to find it) there were a lot of people stopped and walking around to look.

Storybook house


We finished up at Mr Gene’s Beans for ice cream.