Fresh Strawberries

There everywhere.  Last month we went to the Strawberry Festival in Loxley.  It was a beautiful day and the place was packed.  There was a lot going on: car show, tractor show, strawberry queen crowning, vendors, food, games.  The only strawberries we saw were at the entrance and they were in boxes labeled from California.  So much for local strawberries.  On the way home we stopped at a few farmer’s markets.  Allegri Farm Market in Daphne, had strawberries for 99 cents a pint.  Yes, it was cheaper than purchasing a flat of them so we stocked up.   Last night I finally broke into the frozen stash of strawberries.  If you bring them to just almost room temperature, they’re perfect; still a little crunchy-frozen in the middle and juicy on the outside. Yum.

Oh, so sweet!