Nature Notes for May 22, 2010

I am so proud of the work my friend Michelle, along with some other bird lovers, have done in Siesta Key to protect the endangered snowy plover.  You can read about it by following this link:  She emailed me today that there are 3 hatchlings now.  Oh, how I’m praying they survive.  So far they haven’t on Lido this year; they didn’t on either Key last year.  I’ll be sure to give an update. 

Oil has now reached Bayou La Batre AL, lapping at it’s shores.  That’s way too close to home, although anywhere along the Gulf Coast is too close to home for oil to be coming ashore.  Follow this link to Gulf which provides daily updates on the oil slick:

I don’t even have the words to express my sadness over this.  Here’s some information I found about cleaning the wetlands, or rather, not cleaning them:

The love bugs and dragonflies are in full force here in Sarasota on Lido Key.  I noticed the dragonflies were thick in the air early in the morning and then after sunset.  I hope they’re eating the love bugs; they’re a huge nusiance.  Here’s an article from about the invasion:  Check out what I’ve written previously about them:

This afternoon a fish crow, one of many scoping out the little birds around the condo, attacked a juvenile dove and pulled it’s tail feathers out.  The little dove hid under the bushes by our patio door and slowly walked along the building to a thicker group of bushes.  I lost sight of him there.  I think the crows did, too.  Hope it survives.

Awesome sunset:

Lido Key Sunset