Don’t Cancel Your Vacation to the Gulf Coast

Why?  Because there is so much here to do. 

You can think of  it this way: what would you do if you came to the beach and it stormed all week?   

Yes, I know that there is oil on the beach in MS and now on Dauphin Island, AL.  It will probably be on Gulf Shores soon and then around Pensacola.  I know that folks from other parts of the country come here for the relaxing white beaches and the chance to swim in the Gulf, jump waves, surf. etc but perhaps this one time, if the conditions are not the best for you, you can find other great things to do.

If you can’t swim due to oil you can still sit on the beach and tan your hides (you can’t do that in the rain).  You can play in the sand; throw the football; dig holes; build sand castles.  Bring a spray bottle and lots of drinks to stay cool.  I’m sure you can find a lazy river at an amusement area.  You can swim in the Lagoon in Gulf Shores and areas not closed to swimmers.  You can take tours of the area: Ft Morgan, Ft Gaines, Weeks Bay Estuary, Pitcher Plant Bog, and the battleship among other great outdoor adventures.  You can play mini golf, rent a boat and tour around the intercoastal waterway, kayak the other waterways in our area, visit the Zoo (I bet their different than your’s back home), eat at our great restaurants (support our economy), visit the Wharf in Gulf Shores, bike ride.  There are many tour businesses that can teach you about our ecosystem, our estuary system.  Use this as a learning vacation.  Teach your kids about conservation upclose and personal.  Find a class (call the Convention and Visitors Bureau in the town you want to visit) on turtles, birdwatching.  Conduct and submit a bird survey from the beach for  Visit Pensacola’s historic district (I hear the lighthouse is haunted).  Go to the NAS museum and IMAX.  Come see Fairhope (my cool hometown).  Shop the outlets in Foley.  Watch a sunset from the beach.

Think outside the box and enjoy yourself.  See y’all soon.