Tar Balls on Beaches of the Gulf

We went to Orange Beach today to see the mess that’s coming on shore. 

I did see the shoreline; it’s gross.  A mixture of chocolatey crud and white sand is not pretty.  Workers were shoveling, bagging and shoveling the same spot again.  It just keeps washing up.

I noticed one thing that I feel I have to caution everyone on: the boardwalk we took to get from the parking lot to the beach was covered in tar balls.  No they didn’t wash up to the boardwalk, they were carried there by people’s shoes, wheeled-carts that people carry their beach stuff in, beach chairs that are dragged to the car and I’m sure carried there by other means as well.  I sent the boys back to the car not wanting that stuff on their shoes and I tip-toed to the shoreline missing what I could.  I didn’t get very close to the water; there were a bunch of tarball splashes lining the beach.   Please be careful walking around there and be sure to clean up your shoes before you get back into the car.