Feeding a Fledgling

In my back yard, by the corner of my house, is a rather tall, skinny crepe myrtle.  A couple of yards away is a double shepard’s crook with a hanging finch sock and a caged bird feeder filled with songbird mix of sunflower seeds, nuts and berries.  Sandwiched between is a smaller single shepard’s crook from which I hang a hummingbird feeder. 

A male cardinal and his fledgling lighted on a branch of the crepe myrtle.  The young clung to the branch fluttering its wings while Dad snatched a snack at the feeder.  He flew it back to the branch and fed his child.  Returning to the feeder, he did this several times.  Then, leaving the young on the branch, the he hopped around my yard and finally poked into the ground retrieving another morsel for the baby.  I watched as he fed it to his child. 

How often do we get the chance, and take the opportunity, to watch birds parent their children?

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