Nature Notes 9/16/10

I love to write in my journal (although I’ve been too busy lately so my notes are short) and haven’t had time to blog. Here’s what I’ve missed blogging about:

My husband walks the dog religiously around 6am. I’m too tired to go but I’m working on it. Maybe tomorrow. August 25th they started spotting deer in the neighborhood. It’s one deer only, usually by the Fly Creek woods.

The sun has dramatically moved southward. My house faces due east. My floor is tile and I can measure the angle of the sun along the lines. Aug 25 at 8am it came in at exactly straight down the line of tile. I don’t know what that means but I’ll measure it again later to see the angle that it’s changed.

The end of August I noticed the cedar trees were turning a grey/green color. They’re now brownish.

Early August the pine needles fell like crazy but have slowed down. Still you can sit at my back patio table and get pelted with needles. I just bought a new umbrella. We’re safe now until the pine cones start falling.  I think they might have already.  I woke up to a  bang on the roof two nights ago.  That would be the only thing to make that noise.

Aug 26 at the Eastern Shore Center it looked like Fall; the Poplars were browning and mostly bare. The Poplars on my street have been slowing browning all summer but the leaves are now dropping. However, a few are still fresh green.

Sept 6: I heard a cool bird sound and went exploring up the street (the undeveloped one with woods on either side) with my dog. I spotted him but with the shadows I couldn’t identify it. I made a sound I couldn’t figure out either when I went to Usually I can get an ID. Anyway, while hunting for the bird, a deer came out of the woods, crossed the street and stood staring at us. We stopped and stared back. It starting walking toward us but before it got too close we walked off. I was afraid the dog would try to go after it. She’s a Lab.

First sign of love bugs: Sept 11, 2010 in Summerdale. I saw some more the next day at my house. Did they follow me? I can’t stand these bugs, especially when they follow us into the house. But on the bright side they are slow and easy to catch and squash.

9/15/10: Gary and the dog spotted 4 deer at 6am across the street. They spotted him and darted into our yard, hiding in the trees and watching him as he walked up the street. When he passed them, he watched as they slowly walked out of the woods in our yard and, keeping their eyes on him, walked slowly across the street into the wooded area there.

I have a hummingbird feeder up. I saw one the other day. They’re not used to coming in the yard because I got my feeder up too late last year to attract them. We now have a red patio umbrella, too, so hopefully the red will attract them to the yard. We have all kinds of hummers migrating through here. I read we are not just a north/south migration flyway, but also an east/west flyway for hummers so we get a great variety. I saw about 10 at a neighbor’s feeder the other day fighting for their territory. They are so fun to watch. Hummer banding is in October at Ft Morgan. I’m going to make it this year. Last year we went for the bird banding and I got to release a banded bird. Way cool.