BirdFest 2010

Raptor Show:

American Kestrel

Red Tail Hawk

Great Horned Owl

Screech Owl

American Eagle with a deformed beak

An accidental hybrid

The highlight of BirdFest for us is the raptor show.  My son, Travis, is an owl fanatic so we like to attend this show; plus we can see up close some species we normally wouldn’t.

These birds are in captivity because they can’t live in the wild for some reason or another…a broken w ing, deformed beak, imprinted by humans since birth and many other reasons.  If you find a baby bird leave it alone.  Its parents are not far away and will do a better job of caring for the little one than you will.   Once they’re imprinted with you (hand feeding, etc) its chances of survival in the wild are slim so please leave it alone.  If it is injured call your local wildlife rehab center (keep their number in your cell phone) and they’ll take care of it.

BirdFest also featured art, a birdhouse giveaway, birdseed giveaway, crafts for the kids, birdhouse making (courtesy of the Boy Scouts), hummingbird plant sale, information booths of wildlife and conservation groups and lots more.  Across the street, the city of Fairhope hosted street art festival.

Once again, we enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to next year’s festival.