The Trashiest Graveyard

I teach a Junior Master Gardener class through a 4H club.  We’re called the Baldwin Botanists.

This month we are learning about soil, water and composting.  One of our projects was to bury trash for a month, then dig it up to see what, if any of it, decomposed.  We hold our classes at 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center and the folks there have allowed us to dig our “graves” this week.  Since there are plenty of raccoons around that will dig up good smelling things, we were given turtle boxes to cover our graves and loaded a couple bricks over the boxes for protection.  We buried: egg shells, a glass pickle jar with a metal lid, a potato, a crumpled piece of paper and a wine bottle cork (a real plant-based cork).

our trash graveyard

The burial was Wednesday October 13th.  We’ll dig up our trash in approximately one month.  Stay tuned for results.