2 thoughts on “Favorite Birds

  1. Bates Estabrooks

    A single favorite is tough. Let me offer two:

    Gray Jay. I have had these dapper, high-personality, birds come to my hand to take a peanut amidst the lush conifers of the Olympic Mts. in Washington. If I could add one species to my backyard, it would be Gray Jay.

    Vermillion Flycatcher. Throughout the sun-drenched deserts and oases of New Mexico I have watched these red and black gems and never tired of seeing them.

    What bird do I like least? No question (and please forgive this heresy): the Northern Cardinal. These agressive, noisy, invaders take over my feeders with constant bickering, and routinely whitewash my cars’ mirrors in fights with imaginary rivals.

    A request. How about polling your readers about their favorite birding spots in North America? Thanks.

  2. Theresa Stanek


    The wonderful Bald Eagle. We have seen some recently on our walks and they always take my breath away.

    Mourning Doves, please move out of the way. I don’t want to run you over.


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