2 thoughts on “Favorite Birds

  1. A single favorite is tough. Let me offer two:

    Gray Jay. I have had these dapper, high-personality, birds come to my hand to take a peanut amidst the lush conifers of the Olympic Mts. in Washington. If I could add one species to my backyard, it would be Gray Jay.

    Vermillion Flycatcher. Throughout the sun-drenched deserts and oases of New Mexico I have watched these red and black gems and never tired of seeing them.

    What bird do I like least? No question (and please forgive this heresy): the Northern Cardinal. These agressive, noisy, invaders take over my feeders with constant bickering, and routinely whitewash my cars’ mirrors in fights with imaginary rivals.

    A request. How about polling your readers about their favorite birding spots in North America? Thanks.

  2. Theresa Stanek says:


    The wonderful Bald Eagle. We have seen some recently on our walks and they always take my breath away.

    Mourning Doves, please move out of the way. I don’t want to run you over.


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