An Armadillo is Eating My Yard

I finally got to work on the back yard this week. How fun in this great springtime weather. We had such a layer of pine straw and live oak leaves that I was able to completely mulch the two, large bermed areas in the yard. Under it all I found a tennis ball and holes, holes, and more holes. 

Oh, yeah, my husband told me he sees the armadillos out there early in the morning. They’ve made a complete mess of the yard. And where they’ve missed, the moles have taken over. Do armadillos eat moles? No, they eat mole crickets which we don’t have. Moles eat grubs and armadillos eat grubs so I’ll have to find a way to eliminate the grubs. 

Meanwhile, the local garden center owner told me to spread something called Esposa Plant-tone on my yard in the areas the armadillos are destroying.  It should keep them away because it smells bad. 

It’s been two days since I spread a fine layer of Plant-tone on the back yard and there are no visible signs of armadillos.