Jr Ghost Hunting Camp

Here’s something interesting for youngsters to do along the Gulf Coast in TX. 

Brownsville has a Junior Ghost Hunting Camp for children ages 8 -14 on July 27 at 9am.  They’ll be taught ghost hunting techniques, from experts, as they tour through some historic buildings where spooky things may have occurred.  Starting off at the Historical Museum they’ll also visit the Stillman House Museum and the Old City Cemetery. 

Really???  A ghost hunt for kids in spooky places that most adults would get goosebumps from?  How would you get your 8 year old to bed that night?   I know it’s during the day but still.  I don’t believe in ghosts but spookiness still creeps me out, day or night.  I would never send my kids off on such a hunt. But if you would, registration is limited so get your child signed up now.