Fall Butterfly Migration

I was told the best place to see butterflies in the fall migration is at the Grand Hotel at Point Clear.  It’s a beautiful weekend and although migration peaked last week, Gary and I made a trek to the Grand to see the butterflies.  It helps that their gardens are butterfly friendly, as we saw a good amount of them flitting about and feeding.  We enjoyed the sight. 

In the spring, I’m told, the best place to see the migration is at Ft. Morgan.  We missed the peak last year but, again, enjoyed what we saw.  One day I’ll make to the migration on time.

2 thoughts on “Fall Butterfly Migration

  1. The Birding Bunch

    That is wonderful you got to see them! We signed up to help tag this year and they never came in the big numbers that they have in the past years. We went up to the place, missing the late arriving email cancelling the tagging, but got to learn about the butterflies any ways as the nature man took the time to share with us. My oldest got to tag the one butterfly that happened to emerge while we were there.

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