Coastal Bird Fest 2011

Eastern Screech Owl

Coastal Bird Fest 2011
This year, Bird Fest was on my son’s birthday. He is an Owl enthusiast so we had to go and see which owls were on display: mostly Eastern Screech Owls. The others were caged, awaiting the raptor show which we couldn’t stay for. All the birds in the show are unable to live in the wild, whether it is due to an accident or illegally raised by humans or bred in captivity. Before we left, I was able to snag for my son an owl t-shirt. Enjoy our pictures.


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  1. The Birding Bunch

    We went to a hawk event like this late last month. I am glad that they do show these birds to the public to allow us to see the raptors up close. It amazes me how God gave each bird just the right “tools” to be able to provide for itself.

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