Bunny Nature Notes and More

I have a question for my biology friends:  Do bunny families poop together?  Strange question but hear me out.  While cleaning up after my dog in the back yard I saw nearby three piles of fresh pellets.  There was a pile of large pellets, a pile of medium-sized pellets, and a pile of tiny pellets; all equally fresh looking.  Kind of reminded me of the story of Goldilocks. I’m looking forward to hearing an response.

In other nature notes, my science friends might also like that I found a fairy circle in the backyard.  If you don’t know,  fairy circle is a ring of mushrooms.  This was particularly interesting to us because Travis had recently studied fungus in his Biology class and now we could see what the book had talked about.  I have a brick patio and found a fairy circle in the patio as well.  That’s rather weird having mushrooms growing between the bricks.  The bricks are not mortared together so anything grows between them.  It’s always been a chore to weed the patio.  I’ve tried weed killer before but they just grow back. Now that I have a garden off the patio, weed killer is definitely not to be tried again.  The bricks are also mossy.  It’s rather pretty when the weeds are at bay.

I took down the hummingbird feeder.  They just disappeared as abruptly as they appeared.  I’m told a few linger here in the winter but I don’t want to feed them from a dirty feeder.  It’ll be clean for them in the spring.

Lastly, a ton of pine needles fell last week when the front came through.  Getting the boys to rake is difficult.  But I’m allergic to pine and I can’t handle it; they’ll have to…tomorrow.

1 thought on “Bunny Nature Notes and More

  1. The Birding Bunch

    That is nice you had hummingbirds. We had a feeder out, but never any takers. Oh, we did have flying bugs that got in it.

    Wish I could send my youngins your way, they love to rake. Sorry to hear about your allergy, my husband and oldest have severe grass pollen allergies.

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