It’s Lego Man Friday!

Two cool Lego Man stories were in the news today.

One, I’ve been following and love to update, is the story of Lego Man washing up on the beach at Siesta Key, FL (my former hometown). The story is that he was released from jail today is in now living with a new owner. That story can be found here:  I’m looking forward to more stories about Lego Man and what the owner (founder of the downtown Sarasota Chalk Festival) will do with the 6 foot tall Lego Man.

The other story is about some Canadian students who sent their Lego Man into space. Two students launched their Lego Man, holding a Canadian flag via weather balloon with a camera. The story and video are at this link:

Meanwhile, here at home in Fairhope, we haven’t done any Lego creations for some time, though we should. Perhaps we will try our own Lego Man project or experiment. So far, Lego Man has floated unknown miles to wash up on shore (actually several have been found around the world) and Lego Man has soared above the earth.

What’s next for Lego Man?