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I Survived Hurricane Isaac

To my family and friends living elsewhere that just want to know: I survived Hurricane Isaac!
This storm that meandered the Gulf, lead by an assortment of colored spaghetti lines and a cone of uncertainty that was for a long while supposed to directly hit Mobile Bay and thus, us, has moved on to Louisiana. The storm that we prepared for, shopped for, moved light-weight patio furniture and garden tools into the garage for, and spent 2 days mocking for it’s lack of “excitement”, dumped a lot of rain on us during the night. I heard thunder once in the distance around midnight but that was all. I enjoy falling asleep to rainfall, so I was content.
Nonetheless, my phone did ring at 1am with an alert for a tornado. Checking the radar I saw it was too far east and wasn’t tracking near us so I prayed for my friends in it’s path (if it actually existed other than a red blob on the radar) and I headed back to bed.
Yes, it’s still raining this morning. Gary can’t get to work in Mobile because of some flooded roads (he can do some work from home) and the Y is still closed today so I can’t go to work. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll still have our homeschool classes.  No hurricane days at my school.
I’m glad it wasn’t anything disastrous; I hate disaster. We’ll have a lot of raking to do when things dry out.  Pine needles are everywhere, but they make great mulch so that’s the silver lining. So in case you were wondering: I survived Hurricane Isaac, although I don’t have a t-shirt to prove it. That’s life along the Gulf Coast.


The Travel Channel just released its list of Best Southern US Islands.  Most are along the Gulf of Mexico; the others being in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  Check out the list to see which is your favorite or which one will be your next vacation or day-trip destination.

I’ve been to 7 of those listed.  My favorite southern islands in the U.S. though, didn’t make the list this year. I don’t see that the Travel Channel has ranked them before so perhaps my favorites will eventually be their favorites. 

What are yours?

Tropical Storm or Hurricane: Isaac

I’m not an alarmist just one to prepare.  Isaac is way off in the Carribbean as I write this but it is forecasted into the Gulf of Mexico.  

Isaac’s “cone of uncertainty” currently has the Mobile, AL area at it’s center.  It could move further west or east and miss us completely but it could hit us straight on.  So for now, prepare. 

Put your emergency plans in effect.  Know where the evacuation routes are in your area. Have alternate plans because sometimes the traffic patterns may change on you.  Keep a full tank of gas in the car you plan to evacuate in, make sure tire pressure is good, oil change is current and make sure maps are in your glove box if you don’t have a GPS or Smart Phone/iPhone.  Keep a stash of cash in case electricity is out and you can’t use your debit/credit card on the road.  And, make sure relatives know what your plans are.

If you’re staying, take account of your water and food supply, batteries and flashlights, tools, emergency equipment.  Know where the local shelter is in case you decide to go there.  Let your relatives know of your plans to stay.

Have a pet?  Click here for a post from one of my other blogs for information on traveling or staying with your pet during a hurricane.  Find out whether your local shelter will accept pets. 

For further information on how to prepare, click here for the NOAA Hurricane Preparedness website and checklists that you’ll need. 

Best wishes and safety to all my friends along the Gulf Coast from FL to TX.

Nature Notes 8/20/12: Love Bugs

Love bugs have invaded Fairhope. Those pesky little pairs of black bugs are here. Just moments after stopping my car in my driveway, it was covered two, by two, by two more. It was rather creepy. Since they seemed to like the driver’s side of the car more, I was able to escape through the front passenger door without them dropping into the car. Glancing over at my husband’s car I saw nothing. Not a bug anywhere on it. Why? Don’t know but I cannot wait until they die off. Hope there are lots of hungry birds and dragonflies in Fairhope. Food is plentiful.

Vietnam Memorial in Mobile, AL

A traveling exhibit of a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall is in Mobile AL this week. I took the boys to see it this morning at the Convention Center downtown. It will be here until Wednesday. 

The exhibit hall was somber except for the couple chatting about old times with one of the Veterans and having their picture taken in front of the wall. Low to the ground and long, the 3/5-scale memorial was done well. We walked the length, read some of the names and commented on how many people died in that war. There were additional banners displayed at the opposite end of the wall describing the numbers of missing in action and estimated other missing from Alabama and Florida.

I’ve seen the wall in Washington, D.C. and it’s overwhelming. Large, black marble and covered in thousands of names etched into it, you’ll always find flowers, flags, photographs along the base. Relatives and friends of the deceased are allowed to do rubbings of their loved-one’s name. Here, too, we saw several placed flags, flowers and a photograph and witnessed a visitor taking a rubbing for a memento.
If you haven’t seen the real wall in Washington, D.C. and don’t know if you ever will get up there, do stop by this exhibit. It’s here, free of charge, through Wednesday and then moving on to Ohio. Click here for the remaining schedule.

If you go to see the wall and have a relative that died in the war, you’ll find a staffed table at the entrance and someone can help you find the panel and line which holds that person’s name.  The visit is highly recommended.