Tropical Storm or Hurricane: Isaac

I’m not an alarmist just one to prepare.  Isaac is way off in the Carribbean as I write this but it is forecasted into the Gulf of Mexico.  

Isaac’s “cone of uncertainty” currently has the Mobile, AL area at it’s center.  It could move further west or east and miss us completely but it could hit us straight on.  So for now, prepare. 

Put your emergency plans in effect.  Know where the evacuation routes are in your area. Have alternate plans because sometimes the traffic patterns may change on you.  Keep a full tank of gas in the car you plan to evacuate in, make sure tire pressure is good, oil change is current and make sure maps are in your glove box if you don’t have a GPS or Smart Phone/iPhone.  Keep a stash of cash in case electricity is out and you can’t use your debit/credit card on the road.  And, make sure relatives know what your plans are.

If you’re staying, take account of your water and food supply, batteries and flashlights, tools, emergency equipment.  Know where the local shelter is in case you decide to go there.  Let your relatives know of your plans to stay.

Have a pet?  Click here for a post from one of my other blogs for information on traveling or staying with your pet during a hurricane.  Find out whether your local shelter will accept pets. 

For further information on how to prepare, click here for the NOAA Hurricane Preparedness website and checklists that you’ll need. 

Best wishes and safety to all my friends along the Gulf Coast from FL to TX.