I Survived Hurricane Isaac

To my family and friends living elsewhere that just want to know: I survived Hurricane Isaac!
This storm that meandered the Gulf, lead by an assortment of colored spaghetti lines and a cone of uncertainty that was for a long while supposed to directly hit Mobile Bay and thus, us, has moved on to Louisiana. The storm that we prepared for, shopped for, moved light-weight patio furniture and garden tools into the garage for, and spent 2 days mocking for it’s lack of “excitement”, dumped a lot of rain on us during the night. I heard thunder once in the distance around midnight but that was all. I enjoy falling asleep to rainfall, so I was content.
Nonetheless, my phone did ring at 1am with an alert for a tornado. Checking the radar I saw it was too far east and wasn’t tracking near us so I prayed for my friends in it’s path (if it actually existed other than a red blob on the radar) and I headed back to bed.
Yes, it’s still raining this morning. Gary can’t get to work in Mobile because of some flooded roads (he can do some work from home) and the Y is still closed today so I can’t go to work. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll still have our homeschool classes.  No hurricane days at my school.
I’m glad it wasn’t anything disastrous; I hate disaster. We’ll have a lot of raking to do when things dry out.  Pine needles are everywhere, but they make great mulch so that’s the silver lining. So in case you were wondering: I survived Hurricane Isaac, although I don’t have a t-shirt to prove it. That’s life along the Gulf Coast.

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  1. The Birding Bunch

    I was thinking about you yesterday, so I am glad to see this. Praise God! You don’t have hurricane days; we don’t have snow days at our school in the winter. I must admit, there is a time or two when we have mom days, when I just feel overwhelmed and take the day off.

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