Beggar, the Bottlenosed Dolphin

Now that my tears are wiped away I can talk about the death of a beloved creature, Beggar, from Sarasota Bay. He was found dead a week ago. Apparently, what was found inside of him were such things as fishing hooks and other fishing implements plus sea life that a dolphin doesn’t normally eat.  There is no “definitive” cause of death at the time of this writing.

We used to live on Siesta Key. When we return to visit, former neighbors and best friends of ours usually take us out on their boat. We visit the Sarasota Bay area of Nokomis and spot Beggar following boats, begging for food. He was a beautiful dolphin.

This same friend sent me some articles about dolphins in Sarasota Bay. There’s a video blog and copy of an interview with a biologist associated with Mote Marine.  It’s about the history of the Sarasota Dolphin Research Project.  A great story; I hope you take the time to watch the video and or read the text.