November and Clothing

It’s that time of year for me in the South when I just don’t know what to wear. Sure it’s fall (almost winter) but that still doesn’t help because of the temperatures.

Growing up in the north (everything is north of me now except South Florida) in Maryland we had seasons that required clothing changes and if you walked to school in September with your summer clothes on you were pretty much scoffed at. Although I went to work for women’s clothing stores after graduation I was by no means a fashionista but I did like my winter clothes the best. In the cold weather you wear layers, dark and rich colors, fabrics with texture and clothes that were really fun to accessorize.

It’s mid-November and my closet still represents summer.  I’ve worn short sleeves with a light zip-up hoodie (I have a ton of these for year ’round) and jeans.  I wore a sleeveless summer dress to church last week and changed into shorts when I got home.  The kids at the Y, where I work, come in wearing their summer clothes, attend school in shorts and leave their “coats” at the Y when they get picked up.  I guess moms and the kids forget they’ve had them on.

My winter clothes consist of 2 turtle necks from years past, 3 long sleeved shirts, jeans, a fleece vest and a sweater or two. I have gloves (my hands get cold easily) and fashion scarves in every color. I have a coat because I was forced to get one during a cold spell down here. My kids don’t own a coat. My husband has 9 but I think he collects them, or just holds onto them for that just-in-case-we-go-north-during-the-winter moment. That won’t happen.

I’d love buy some winter clothes just for fun but don’t know if I’ll get to wear them.  Even if we have a short cold spell, is it worth buying winter clothes for? So once again, it’s that time of year when I just don’t know what to wear.