Nina and Pinta

My oldest son and I had the opportunity to visit the replicas of the Nina and Pinta when they came to Gulf Shores recently. The ships will be traveling the Florida coast and then up the Mississippi visiting various ports. They will end up in Minnesota for the summer and head back this way. If you get a chance to visit and take a tour it’s worth it, in my opinion. If you homeschool, get a group together so they can talk to the students about the ships.

The ships are small but there’s plenty to learn about them. We visited both.  The only gripe I’m aware of is that some people felt they should have been able to look about the ship down below. That is where the crew lives and the quarters is quite small.  In the narrative, we learned that is where the animals were kept so it’s designed differently now, being the living quarters, than originally. All living and work took place on deck. I don’t feel like I missed out by not going down there.

Hope you get a chance to visit.